Top 3 Awesome Hacks and a Tip for Top Features on New iPhones

iPhone X hacks

#1. Be Your Own Director. Take Cinematic Video Footage with 4K at 60FPS.

Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have the feature of taking video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. This is an advanced spec conveniently integrated to shoot amazing video.

If you’ve ever dreamt of capturing cinematic video footage right from your phone, this is it. Liquid smooth video is what you’ll see and it’ll be shocking to see how much detail this camera mode picks up. Go to Settings, Camera, and Record Video. Then switch to 4k at 60 fps. Voilà! Now you are the director of anything you want to film.

#2. Go Beyond the 10 Second Limit for Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X.

This has got to be one of the most laugh-inducing and smile-provoking technological fun-ness that Apple came up with, especially for those who love to communicate in emoji.

Now you can literally personalize your emoji, and with this Animoji Karaoke program, your animoji will be bopping its head, shaking and moving to the beat of your song and speech. Make others laugh and smile with this fantastic feature. Through the Screen Recording feature, this hack allows you to go beyond the default time given, 10 seconds.

Source: Apple (YouTube)

Go to an iMessage conversation -> App Store -> Animoji icon -> swipe up for full screen. Control Center -> turn on Screen Recording and put on your best performance.

Screen Recording will capture the animoji animations on the screen and your voice. After you've performed to your heart's desire, edit the video.

#3. Do a "Bokeh" Selfie with Portrait Mode.

"Bokeh" is a photography effect that blurs the background, causing the front object to be the object of focus. 

Bokeh Photography iPhone

With the new iPhones models, you can choose from a variety of different portrait modes for the desired effect. Options include dramatic stage lighting, a less dramatic but still remarkable lighting effect, and a studio lighting effect that highlights the subject front-and-enter with background blur.

The front camera is just as good as the rear, hence, the best selfies you can take to put forth your best self. To create a background blur effect with the front camera, that is, if you want a bokeh selfie, go to Camera -> front facing camera -> portrait. Frame your face just right and click! Bokeh effect selfie.

Fabulous Tip. Get a Wireless Charger.

Sometimes, the hassle of cords is just not worth it. Rather than the eyesore of tangled wires, the bothersome act of buying new ones, or keeping old ones around, opt for a wireless charging device like the Futura X. Since the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have built-in wireless charging capability, just set it on top of a wireless charging pad like the Futura X, and applaud yourself for entering a fabulously wire-free and more convenient lifestyle.