The Need to Go Wireless: Random Thoughts from a PhD Dropout

BEZALEL’s Latitude, Compatible with All Starbucks Powermats

What on earth are we gonna do now that everyone has stolen the Powermat rings from Starbucks?

Do people actually buy those rings?

Some Starbucks have turned off the power for Powermats and they’re now fabulous techy designs for tables and bars at this popular cafe.

If I’d known about the Latitude case for iPhones by BEZALEL earlier, I would have bought it instead of spending money on a designer cellphone case.

(I eventually got one!)

Getting the Latitude would be like getting two things at once: a wireless charger and a nice sturdy case for my smartphone.

Well, now I know and now I share!

Starbucks wireless charging


The Woman at Starbucks

The other day I went to my usual spot at Starbucks. This particular location is tiny and known for its outdoor seating.

It was a crowded day and all tables were occupied with thirsty individuals seeking shade underneath those big green canopies.

Looking for an empty spot, I circled. No empty tables.

I returned from the bathroom and saw a woman sitting. 

“Excuse me,” I said politely, “I’m sorry but is it alright if I sit here?”

She looked at me and nodded approvingly: “Yes you can sit here.”

“Thanks!” I started pulling things out of my purse to prepare work.

I noticed she may have wanted to keep talking, so I looked up and smiled. She was older than me; maybe by 10+ years and was dressed in flower print t-shirt and jeans.

She mentioned something about the weather and I agreed. It was transitioning from cool California spring to hot California spring.

It was hot.

She looked like she was about to leave and took her time moving.

“I’m disabled,” she said.

“Oh.” I responded and didn’t think.

Then funny sounds trickled out of my mouth: “That’s okay, I mean, I don’t mind, I mean. That’s cool.”

She warmly kept eye contact and struggled to rise out of her chair.

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked.

“Yes,” She responded, “Can you throw away my cup? I’d really appreciate it.”

I said of course and reached for what looked like a once-chocolaty drink.

The trashcan was steps away. Tossing a cup was not easy for her.

That sunny day I happened to plan to research the crossroads of philanthropy and forward-looking wireless technology.

So at the coincidence of this experience, I was a bit speechless. And I’ll tell you why.

Humanitarian Wireless Technology

It’s always awesome to come across a company that has a vision for itself with helping others in mind.

BEZALEL has a special interest and heart for disabled people and those who struggle with mobility.

It makes sense because BEZALEL’s wireless chargers are lightweight, simple and portable without sacrificing quality.

They’re also not pricey.

wireless charging starbucks


When I met the CEO of BEZALEL, we shared our vision for real changes in everyday life; everything from home-life to education and institutions.

I was especially impressed with his desire to help disabled people and community organizations. 

How cool would it be if the woman I met at Starbucks could charge up her phone on any Starbucks Powermat? And if such power sources were everywhere?

All she’d need to do is slide her phone onto that flat surface. 

So what are the ways today’s wireless and cordless innovations can benefit those who are less mobile, in addition to busy people like multi-tasking moms or tech savvy dads?

If we eliminated the act of plugging and unplugging everyday, it could make a small but very significant difference in our lives.

For those who can’t maneuver freely at will, this can be a matter of alleviating pain, preventing accidents and saving time.

Thus, I’m excited for the future of wireless technology and the humanitarian & functional mindsets that engineers, designers and CEOs will put forth.

I especially look forward to BEZALEL and its plans and future products—for making these types of philanthropic aspects a huge part of its vision for the future of wireless.