Futura X, the Most Exquisite Wireless Charger

Still deciding on what to get your family and friends for Christmas? Do they have an iPhone? An Android? They'd most likely remember your gift everytime they charge their phone! And on the most exquisite and beautiful wireless charging pad to help boost their phone battery.

Not only is it a thoughtful present but definitely a practical and tech-savvy one.

Beauty is everywhere. Not just in Sephora or Ulta, but in BEZALEL.

Usually, phone battery chargers, especially wireless ones, aren’t known for their aesthetics. Ya need a charge? Stick in the cord, fiddle around a bit, wait, and there you have it: a charged phone.

Nowadays however. People are making all things beautiful. Everything from smartphone cases made with real flowers (where ‘no two cases are the same’) to diamond-encrusted earphones, and to blood pressure, fitness and sleep trackers, high-tech accessories have become accouterments for guys eyes for style.

Those with aesthetically-discriminating taste wouldn’t be keen only to the decorum of their office desks, car interior, kitchen countertop and bedside tables, but they’d also extend appreciation for beauty to their essential tech hardware, especially everyday tech accessories and key devices.

Futura X, the most beautiful wireless charger. Why not?

The wireless charger called Futura X is the most beautiful smartphone wireless charging pad in the world. How so? Compared to others in the market, the Futura X is a sleek, chic, elegant, subtly glimmering, mysteriously attractive wireless charging device. And at barely 0.7 cm thick, it’s the thinnest and slimmest wireless charger out there, making it the most portable and easy to carry.

Thus it’s not only the most beautiful but also the slimmest wireless charger for smartphones in the market today (hence, according to Business Insider, the best for portability. We agree.) The majority of wireless chargers out there are boring, very industrial-looking, or accidentally mistaken for a mug warmer to keep your coffee from cooling.

The modern design of the Futura X is comparable to the overall look of a store you might unexpectedly find; a store that recognizes the beauty in minimalistic features and has an affinity for modern simplicity and quality. The Futura X is not only more aesthetically exquisite than the other wireless charging pads in the market, but it’s also faster than the many brand name wireless chargers.