The Guide to BMW 7 Series Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging Tips for BMW 7 Series Drivers

If you have a BMW 7 Series with a wireless charging dock and integrated warning system, you can maximize its use to enhance your driving experience.

Here are some tips to make wireless charging with your BMW a lot easier and less of a hassle:

Charging iPhones and Non-Compatible Android Phones

BMW 7’s wireless charging technology works only with select Android phones, so check first if your device is compatible.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can get a wireless charging accessory like the Latitude that enables your phone to work with Qi charging surfaces like those installed in most cars, and PMA charging surfaces like those in several Starbucks outlets. When not in use for charging, it’s stylish and sturdy to use also as a phone case, so you won’t mind carrying it around.

You may also opt to get a snap-in wireless charging adapter from the original BMW accessory range, compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. The adapter has the same features as the Latitude, except that you can use the former only with Qi (not with PMA) wireless charging surfaces.

How to Avoid Forgetting Your Phone in the Car

The BMW 7 Series is programmed to alert you in case you forget your phone in the charging pocket after you switch off the ignition. Here are the steps to set the reminder:

  1. In your car’s iDrive, go to “My Vehicle.”
  2. Choose “System settings.”
  3. Choose “Wireless charging tray.”
  4. Check the box next to “Forgotten cell phone alert.”

Making Space for Bigger Phones

How do you fit a phablet or a bigger phone in your BMW’s charging pocket? Unlike some vehicle makes and models with charging pads that can accommodate only certain phone sizes, BMW 7’s wireless charging pocket is adjustable.

Here are the simple steps for adjusting the charging pocket:

  1. Pull the hinges out from the bottom to make the space bigger.
  2. Slide your phone in. 
  3. If you want to make it tighter for a more snug fit, push the hinges in from the bottom. 
  4. Once you see a blue LED light on, that means that charging has begun.

Charging the BMW Display Key

Did you know that you can wirelessly charge your display key, too? Since the display key shows you crucial data regarding your vehicle’s status and even allows you to park your vehicle, it has to be always charged properly so that it works accurately. 

Charging the BMW display key wirelessly is so easy:

  1. Insert the display key in the center of the charging dock, with the lock button facing upward.
  2. Check if the blue LED light illuminates. If it comes on, it means that your display key is charging.

The display key can also be charged with the included USB cable.

Charging Additional Devices Simultaneously

If you’re driving with a friend, he also can charge his phone with yours at the same time. Because aside from its default wireless charging option, the BMW 7 Series’ charging dock also has two USB ports, each having two amperes of charge current for quick charging.

With the consumer-centric features that BMW incorporated into its version of the wireless charging console, the German luxury carmaker may have outdone its competitors like Mercedes Benz and General Motors in this respect. But there’s no telling who will outdo who next. For now, let’s make the most out of this convenience—and enjoy the ride—while we wait.

Demo video of the BMW 7 Series Connected Drive: Wireless Charging Pocket

(Source: YouTube / BMW USA)