The Best Wireless Charger for In-Flight Travel

Certain planes have 'em certain planes don't. A USB cable port to hook up your smartphone's battery charging that is!

Sitting in the plane for hours and hours, or, just an hour?

Is it common for airplane passengers to watch movies, TV shows, and do things on their phone?

No it is not!

It is pervasive!

Flight attendants'-eye-view will tell you as much. Oh, that is, if they're not also busy thumbing away with their own phones! Right?

OK, so it's hard not to choose a digitized version of Crime and Punishment over the paperback (or hardcover!) version, correct? Unless this particular passenger is super attached to 555 pages of ink-on-paper..

Nevertheless, through our handy smartphones, we are entertained, educated, and e-vited. And we'll pass that TSA security checkpoint with flying colors, yes?

PRELUDE will pass, by the way, through the hand-carry/carry-on security checkpoints. Yet, take precaution that baggage policies will NOT allow lithium batteries to go inside the luggage you check. (And Prelude, the best smartphone wireless charger for travel, has a small lithium battery inside it.)

Use Prelude to keep your smartphone charged; use it as a backup; use it as the gadget that sticks to the back of your phone; or use it as a portable power bank with type-C cable connector.

However you prefer, Prelude will go with you wherever you go. Even inside the farthest back corner of the airplane's seating arrangement, if that is where you end up sitting.