Sending out Hope, Life, and Peace During these Times

On behalf of BEZALEL, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19. The Coronavirus has affected so many people all over the world, and has stalled and halted the mobility of health, well-being, community and economic thriving. With death tolls reflecting much fatality, many have lost loved ones.

BEZALEL acknowledges those on the "front lines": medical officials and job workers who tend to the sick and elderly; airline employees and those in the travel industry; and all other kinds of workers exposed to the traffic of people coming and going every day.

We want to speak hope and life into your daily living, and advocate for the peace of mind and heart as we maneuver with precaution.

Safety is of utmost importance and we want to encourage all to follow health protocols and guidelines expressed by government and health officials.

BEZALEL says "thank you" to everyone for making the proper efforts toward preventative measures, and keeping soundness of health for the betterment of community large or small, including yourself.