3 Ways to Save Battery Life on Your Smartphone

There are multiple ways to conserve your phone's battery. Here are some quick basic methods to just that.

#1 Enabling Low Power Mode

Rather than consistently changing your phone's brightness display, which is the intuitive thing to do, we can enable the Low Power Mode on settings for the phone to keep itself from operating in optimal phone battery suckage. Low Power Mode will automatically adjust  the phone's processor settings so that it uses less power in your phone overall, including the battery-sucking email fetching, app refreshing, and automatic app updates.

You can add this feature on your control center by customizing it. If you have an iPhone, go to your settings and find the Control Center. There you can find "Customize Controls" and add apps like "magnifier," "stopwatch," "voice memos," or "do not disturb while driving". 

#2 Change Email Fetching Settings

Automatic email fetching is one of the top causes for quick battery drainage. Unless you need to have all your email accounts constantly refreshed, you can change the settings so that it does it manually, hourly, or every 30 or 15 minutes (depending on your phone's model.)

Just go to your settings and find the email fetching feature that will adjust the email fetching schedule so that it's not on auto.

#3 Turn Off Your GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth When Not Using

Due to the consistent searching for networks, if your GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are left on, this will certainly contribute to huge battery drainage. Remember to turn off these features, especially when you're not using them.

Have a Previous iPhone Model? Get a New Battery from Apple for 30 Bucks

Recently, Apple revealed that it was slowing down processor speeds on previous iPhone models as a way to recoup for degenerating batteries. Apple apologized and offered a $50 discount on the usual $80 cost for purchasing a new phone battery. This is of course, one of the ways iPhone 7, iPhone 6, etc. users can re-enliven their phones.

Get a Wireless Charging Device

Wireless charging pads are great for backups or perfect for completely replacing your cords; so there is no hassle in carrying around cable cords. If you're traveling or consistently out and about without the easy access of electrical sockets and wall jacks, the Futura X hooks up to your laptop device and the Prelude goes with you, completely portably.