Places with Wireless Charging?

Wireless Charging spots

Like recent car models, business establishments have been adopting wireless charging bases for smartphone users. Except there’s one problem: limited exposure to information about where and how they're all available and located.

No Unified Platform for Wireless Charging Info

The lack of a singular and unified website or platform that keeps such data systematically organized and up-to-date prevents people from taking full advantage of what they already have in their phones: wireless charging capability. and its app come closest to such a platform but offer information only where powermats are available. See below for a list of states and countries.

Wireless Charging on Furniture



While some Ikea furniture come with wireless charging bases, places like Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf tested wireless charging in some of their cafes but they seem to have taken them out. Without a centralized system of data regarding whether certain coffee shops, restaurants, furniture or airports have wireless charging in their tables, desks, lamps, kiosks or etc., how would people know?

Apple’s iPhone (pre-iPhone 8) need charge-receiving cases like the Latitude, but Android users (and iPhone users who have charge-receiving cases) can wirelessly charge their phones in a variety of Starbucks locations, hotels, and some airports such as the Frank Underwood International Airport in Columbia, South Carolina and presumably, LAX.

Hospitality and Wireless Charging

Hotels like the Marriott have partnered with Kube Systems, which are alarm clock docks placed at bedside furniture.


Here are hotels that offer wireless charging bases as the option to charge your Qi-enabled, hand held devices during your travel:

Langham Hotels
Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
W Hotels
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
JW Marriott


Powermat Locations

Powermat is currently the largest company that enables wireless charging in locations throughout the U.S. in restaurants and coffeeshops like Starbucks. They are available in the following locations: 

U.S. states: WA, NY, NJ, MA, IN, IL, GA, FL, CT, CA
London, England (UK)
Warszawa, Masovia (Poland)
München, Munich (Germany)
Guyancourt, Île-de-France (France)
Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

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Best Way to Ensure Your Wireless Charge

Because some establishments have either turned off the wireless charging bases (like some Starbucks) or have begun a process of shifting things, information is always changing.

Thus, the best way to know whether you'll be able to wirelessly charge your phone at a specific place is to call ahead and ask. Or, you can get yourself a reliable powerbank wireless charger like the Prelude which will allow you to go fully cordless and wire-free for an extended period of time.

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