Physical Distancing or Distant Socializing, Not "Social Distancing"

California governor, Gavin Newson spoke the key words, "physical distancing", as he wrapped up his April 21, 2020 coronavirus update from the capitol city of Sacramento.

This was an important rhetorical matter in terms of addressing the people of CA and other states, because words matter. And they matter in the trickiest of ways during sensitive times of human fragility.

Author and professor, Dr. Jamil Zaki, brought up such a matter in KTLA's March 26, 2020 segment where he delivered a vital message.

Dr. Zaki brings to our attention the negative connotations and potentially backlashing health effects to the currently prevailing use of the term “social distancing”.

"Social distancing" he says, "implies that a person’s job right now, if they want to protect the public health, is to be lonely. That’s not our job."

Rather, he says, “Our job is to be physically distant from each other, but if we want to maintain our longterm health, our job is also to remain connected socially.

We should practice distant socializing, making sure we use technology, or not, to connect with people for a good amount each day.”

How peculiar and interesting that the stealthiest of word combinations can be the difference of deterioration or progress.

Thankfully, we can be reassured that even in our physically sequestered states, we are not alone and we are not to be alone.