BEZALEL's Wireless Charging Car Mount, the Omnia

Wireless Car Charger for Phones

All sorts of words are thrown into the mix. We call it any way it works: car wireless charger; wireless car charger; phone charging wireless car mount; phone charging car mount; qi wireless charging mount; qi charging car wireless charger for phones; qi wireless car charger; the list goes on.

Walmart even sells one called, "Qi Wireless Charging Car Charger Phone Dash Mount." Yes, there are many words. They don't even have to be in a particular order and your general tech consumer will have an idea of what you're talking about.

And like any premium-brand company that specializes in wireless charging, BEZALEL has proudly come out today with its newest product, the Omnia.

Wireless Charging Mount for Serious Drivers

This bad boy is packed with gear. Your purchase includes some very solid hardware that will last you through the Apocalypse; sturdy as they come, built to last, and beautiful to the touch.

The Full Package

Included in the hearty package - all of which is very reminiscent of the BMW i3 and i8 - is a twin-port adapter and robust cable cord meant to give power to the device when you turn on your car. When on, the subtle illumination of BEZALEL's postmodern logo in neon ocean blue, and like trimming on the adapter, are some pretty dapper touches.

The pad or mount, onto which your phone will stick like magnet-on-frig, will charge your phone and not let it slide off every time you step on the break a little hard.

The twin-port adapter is not a free toy that comes in cereal boxes. This is a serious and self-conscious car adapter complimenting the interior of sports cars and luxury vehicles whose owners don't just invite anyone into their rides.

Usually with wireless charging packages, the charger mount itself is the muscle and the rest, if there are any, are accoutrements; but the combination of products including the Omnia radiates quality, durability, convenience and the future. And style.

High Quality Engineering Built to Work

One can know and feel the quality of the Omnia also by the strength of the 360° swivel rotation, which orients your phone to your height and eye level; the best part being that it stays put. Keeping your phone stuck to the pad has been the major issue with magnetic car mounts built to hold up phones for drivers. This won't be a problem with the gripping Omnia. With its steel-tightened spring clamp that holds firmly on the AC vent, this device is all about strength and force.

The Convenience of Wireless Charging

Once we start getting used to the convenience of grab-and-go, that is, the simple act of grabbing our phones off a pad or base (i.e. coffee mug on coaster,) we will be wondering why we didn't switch to wireless charging sooner.

This small but significant change is truly more convenient.