Newest Products Ever. Apple Unveils.

There were a lot of "ever's" pertaining to the history of iPhones and smartphones during the Keynote speech at the Steve Jobs Theater ; "most powerful ever", "easier than ever", "more than ever before". Of course, we will believe. Why? Because it's Apple. When such utterances of interjections are made by them, we listen.

While one can easily retrieve much information on specs from, here's a few highlights on the latest Apple products yet.

Apple Watch Series 4

Inspiring people to be more active and health-conscious, Apple Watch Series 4 is out. Curvier and more rounded, it has a slightly bigger face than the previous model and all kinds of literally, life-saving features.

Health monitoring features like fall detection and the Electrocardiogram, which detects and captures heart's data in real time, such as atrial fibrillation, that is irregularities of heartbeat, promote all kinds of preventative measures; especially for folks apt to falls and accidents, as well as those with propensity for heart issues.

The watch has a whopping 50% increase in speaker volume and is twice as fast as the previous model with up to 6 hours of battery life.

Never to leave out fashion; Apple presented the Hermes edition, made available in different color schemes of color blocks and band variation.

Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Display. The iPhone XS is 5.8" big, and the iPhone XS Max is 6.5" big. Both are Super Retina custom OLED display and have amazing pixels for your utmost enjoyment in watching videos and playing games.

Improved speakers for stereo sound just amplifies the enjoyment of course, and advancements in Face ID, video & photography are just the beginning.

The iPhone XS has up to 30 minutes more battery length than the iPhone X, and the XS Max has 1.5 hours more than the iPhone X. The dual SIM tech feature seems like one of those "somebody must've thought of it before!" type of deals, but now, you can have two phone numbers on one device (except in China; you must get a different physical SIM.)

Last but certainly not least, the massive storage increase of 512 GB only makes the storage-needy mobile device user swoon.

iPhone XR

With the optimized portrait mode and bokeh controls, the iPhone XR has the same awesome tech improvements for photos and picture-taking, (and the largest LCD ever). Screen is 6.1" big with LCD Liquid Retina display and its battery life is up to 1.5 hours more than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Though its a slight downgrade from the XS, it is mostly the XS, except the XR comes in all beautiful and fun new colors and at a lower price point.

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max: Apple's three new iPhones start at $749, $999, $1,099.