New Product Launch VIP Party

The beginnings of any business is not easy. And BEZALEL, only 4 years old, will count each milestone a real victory. One of its many 'firsts' taken place last Friday was BEZALEL's first-ever new product launch party for its VIP members and guests.

As couples and singles alike were dressed to impressed, people of different age range and race trickled in 20 minutes before showtime. With the attendance of more than 70 guests, BEZALEL's event crew had already prepared prizes, games, food, drink and live DJ music.

The best parts, other than the product unveil, CEO's speech, and commercial premiere, were the photo booth with funky, crazy hats and a specially designed BEZALEL cocktail in the company's signature techie-blue color.

The party covered multiple purposes: celebration of the company's latest and newest wireless charging product (designed wondrously for today and tomorrow's smartphone user,) celebration of BEZALEL's loyal supporters, and the celebration of BEZALEL's new commercial that showcased all of the company's products.

The unveil of BEZALEL's new Prelude was definitely the highpoint of the party. The magnetically powered "mighty" and "small", entirely portable wireless charger captivated people's hearts to the point they wanted it now. And the CEO's speech of appreciation and recognition took the spotlight, as many guests were introduced to the face, voice, and story behind the conception of BEZALEL.

Thus the new product launch VIP party was many unveils: CEO in the flesh, inside look into company culture, and the reveal of what's expected to be a very hot wireless charging product for the remainder of 2018 into the next year.

The new Prelude will be released and available in September when its Kickstarter campaign is launched. If interested, be sure to sign up on BEZALEL's email list for the latest updates!