KBEV 6 of Beverly Hills, The Juantastic Show Presents BEZALEL

BEZALEL had the opportunity to go to Beverly Hills High School and meet with four bright-eyed and impressive students. Equipped with apt lights-camera-action setup, the interview conversation was as enjoyable as the mere presence of being represented in a professional broadcasting environment with remarkable young students.

The platform to which BEZALEL was invited, The Juantastic Show of the television station KBEV 6--located inside Beverly Hills High School--incorporated conversation pieces that often come up when young adults are at the forefront of making decisions about their education and discovering and building their own identities accordingly.

Thus, BEZALEL's substantial time of talk at this venue was divided into two parts: a segment for the general topic of education and self-discovery during young adulthood, and an inside look into BEZALEL as a wireless charging company.

The young high school students work as volunteers at the KBEV 6 station and are excited about a potential future in broadcasting and TV media-related areas.

The BEZALEL spokesperson Senovia Han commented that their activities and participation with KBEV 6 must be an awesome privilege and they readily agreed with great enthusiasm. Such groundwork at early stages in life could only help the students open further possibilities for their future; they concurred, again with keen eagerness. (That future Larry King's and Oprah's can come from here is undeniably exciting.)

Many high-achievers, particularly under guidance of parents, family and teachers, begin building their resumes for college as soon as resources become available. The field of broadcasting & media-related areas is a specialized area, and to have such experience, especially one that's as accessible as being part of one's high school, is a privilege indeed.

With the resources made available, (as not all high schools have such a designated space,) these students were already constructing a foundation upon which personal and professional growth would be erected. And they were ready to roll with the punches or hear about challenges and changes that many individuals experience before, during, and after college.

Juan Kilala the host and sophomore at Beverly Hills High School, seamlessly transitioned from pre-interview to interview with warm-up questions that were personal and inviting. BEZALEL spokesperson, Senovia Han, answered questions about her role in the company and shared CEO Frank Wu's beginnings with wireless charging and the company.

A fantastic group, Juan and the crews Ricky, Fiora, Joshua and others behind glass walls, were as equally welcoming as impressive. BEZALEL hopes they were encouraged, as BEZALEL was certainly encouraged by their invitation and excellent interview experience. 

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