Exclusive Interview with CJ Johnson (CEO of J+J)

CJ Johnson

Digital marketing--especially in the perfect harmony of tech and pop culture--is this generation’s new way of entrepreneurial success. Some say you just need a savvy digital consciousness, no human contact needed, while others say that relationships are everything.

If you have people skills and can connect with humans, it is of course a plus, and CJ Johnson, a digital marketer who has already helped startups at Silicon Beach achieve success, is a voice of his own.

CJ Johnson is the CEO and founder of Januel+Johnson (J+J), the Los Angeles-based digital marketing and advertising company.

13 Interview Questions for CJ Johnson!

BEZALEL asks this renaissance man some kid-like questions. Except for the last few about wireless charging. :)

What is your favorite kind of ice cream or froyo?  

I enjoy Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream. I find the tasty goodness refreshing. 

Whether it’s a special night out, quick bite or take out, what are your favorite places to eat in Los Angeles?

I really enjoy trying new places and exploring various hot spots around Los Angeles. I do enjoy the Culver Hotel, The Bungalow, Public School 310, and a few other spots around Los Angeles. The greatest thing about LA is that there are so many hotspots to choose from.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

The Wonder Years. The story of growing up and adolescence is timeless. Such a fantastic show.

Do you remember your dreams? Literal dreams. Anything you don’t mind sharing?

I do. My dreams are so vivid at times I can remember all types of details. I also keep a dream journal, lol. I think dreams should always be explored. I remember once having a dream about a conversation I had with an ex-girlfriend. The conversation was so specific. The environment was so real, it could have easily been mistaken for a memory. That dream stuck with me and after a year or so, I met up with this ex. We had the exact conversation I had dreamt of prior and we were in a similar setting. Very eerie.

Is there a song that comes to mind that makes you wanna dance everytime you hear it? If yes, what is it?  

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Every. Time. 

Do you spend much time getting ready in the morning?  

Yes actually. Too much time. Or wait... is 10 minutes too much time? Yes. No? Maybe?

What laundry detergent do you prefer to use to wash clothes?  

The homeopathic kind, lol. 

What kind of scents do you like?  

Ocean breeze, fruits.

What is a food or dish you couldn’t live without?  

Sushi Hand Rolls, Pepperoni Pizza, Steak, Gummi Bears is my weapon of choice.

To which country have you not been but want to go?  

I'd like to go to Japan. Been on my Bucket List for some time now.

Have you tried wirelessly charging your cellphone? How does it feel?

Ever since I encountered BEZALEL, I kind of got obsessed with wireless charging. At this point, it's an everyday part of my life. My two favorite products are the Prelude because I travel a lot. Easy to stay charged when I'm on the move and the Omnia. Having a wireless car charger is a dream come true. I hate cords. Especially in the car. Too much clutter.

In what cases do you feel wireless charging is useful for busy people?

I'm constantly on the move so, honestly it's the tangled cord aspect of things that's a pet peeve. So when I go wireless one less thing to worry about. Also, everything charges so much faster. Makes my life easier. The less I have to worry about, the better.

Wireless charging envisions its technology more accessible and prevalent in hotels, cars, schools, restaurants/cafes and transport facilities. What do you think about this?

I feel like we all want to live our lives filled with happiness and to a certain aspect, convenience. With wireless technology, it provides us fewer things to worry about. Plus I think technology is really awesome, so anything that helps move things forward and evolve is so cool to me.

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