International Polar Bear Day and Coca-Cola's Iconic Polar Bear

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Yes. Such exists. February 27th is International Polar Bear Day. Did you know that polar bears ask one another to share foods? And that they have an affectionate way of communicating it?

Did you know that the mama bear will gently punish her cubs for bad behavior? And did you know they can actually recognize another polar bear they'd come in contact with from years before?*

Although they live in conditions from which most people steer clear away, these carnivores are quite eye-catching.

This marine mammal has its own day to show the world just how impressive they are. And while they're lone rangers after leaving cub-hood, polar bears can be quite expressive. educate us with fascinating facts:

  • Nose kisses: When they come in contact with each other and one of the bears want some of the other's food, it will ask to share by touching noses! Can you imagine if all the animals in the animal kingdom did that?
  • Mother's reprimand: Mother bears actually scold her cubs with a low growl or soft blow of her paw.
  • Like babies cooing: When content, polar bear cubs make sounds like "uh" and "um".

  • Expression of great anxiety: Cubs also scream and cry when distressed.
  • Play fight: Adult polar bears wag their head from side to side as an indication of wanting to play. They play fight and battle.
  • Worried mama bear: The mother bear will let out chuffing noises when she's worried for her cubs.
  • High-fat diet: Although polar bears will eat anything they can in their environment, they're preferred meal is the blubbery seal.

  • Black not white: Polar bears have black skin, not white. Their hairs are transparent and hollow, and the reflection of light makes them look white.
  • Big & tall: They have over 4" of fat underneath their skin, which keeps them warm; males can stand at nearly 10' and weigh up to 1,550 pounds (or in one case, 1,700 pounds); females up to 700 pounds.

Fascinating to see how these carnivores not only survive in the freezing waters, but thrive in them, as they're built for exactly that.

Coca-Cola, the soft drink conglomerate that pumps out refreshing soda beverages all over the world, employed human-like portrayals of the polar bear, along with the association of the fresh icy cold, to depict in its ads the joy of drinking its fizzy concoction.

The image was created first in 1922 and the bears became a phenomenal hit in their first TV commercial appearance in 1993.

They were even more popularized when taking a global center stage during the Olympic Games in 1994, "in which the bears slid down a luge and soared off a ski jump" ( And even in recent years, in Coca Cola's holiday campaigns and packaging, the polar bears don't appear to be going anywhere. (Other than the Arctic!)

* Spy on the Ice (documentary)

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