Great Baby Tech Devices for Parents and the Baby!

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Nuna Leaf Baby Seat

The Nuna Leaf simulates the motion of when the baby was in the utero and gently rocks your baby from side to side in the most peaceful and tender motion, causing your baby to feel calm and soothed. (Even adults want to go on it!) The technologically well-crafted Nuna Leaf cradles your baby by using his/her weight for momentum and requires no cords or batteries.

Thus the complete silence--no squeaking, bouncing or whirring noise--is perfectly conducive to your baby's rest. The best part (other than the beautiful, slow movement to which your baby is rocked to serenity) is the minimalist, simple design that complements any clean-conscious interior.

Pneo Baby Shusher

Love wireless things? The Pneo Baby Shusher is a battery operated and wireless hand-held device that makes a "shush" noise at different levels and volumes to which babies actually react with a favorable disposition--they stop crying!

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The best way to know for certain if this will work is to try it with your baby, but thus far, reviews and video recordings show that the Pneo Baby Shusher actually works. It takes longer for some babies to quiet down, but ultimately the shushing sound puts most babies at peace and some even to a complete relaxing lull.

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump & Willow Breast Pump

For mommies on the go, the more convenient breast pumping is, the better.

The Freemie Liberty and Willow breast pumps are both great portable and wearable breast pumps that are meant to be used under the bra and clothes. Mommies can use their hands and do other activities like drive or type while pumping away milk for their babies.

Both devices collect milk into the wearable cup and both can be fairly easily washed, cleaned, and stored.

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The Willow breast pump collects milk into bags whereas the Freemie Liberty does not require bags. The bags are purchased only through the Willow company and can only be opened with a scissor. And like anything else, to store the milk in the freezer, you'd have to transfer it to a freezer-friendly bag.

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The Freemie Liberty breast pump collects milk directly into the cup out of which you can just pour the milk into a bag or baby bottle. This is one of the main differences in these breast pumps. If it's more convenient for you to keep the milk in the bag provided by Willow and keep a collection for later, the Willow is better. But if you don't want to deal with extra bags, carry a scissor, or be re-purchasing them (as they're one-time use only) the Freemie Liberty might be a better choice for you.