Futura X Real-People Survey Response

Sometimes the best way for a company to know how they're doing with their products or services is to ask people directly. BEZALEL has already received great remarks especially on the Futura X wireless charging pad by media and publications in both the U.S. and overseas, but now wanted candid reactions from people by asking directly and on the spot. (And not to worry; they were given ample time, space and privacy!)

Each volunteer was individually given questions on what their initial thoughts were-- regarding everything from unboxing the packaging to how the Futura X performed for their own personal smartphones. 28 people of various age range, gender, and level of familiarity with tech gadgets answered, and here are some noteworthy highlights.

Futura X unboxing

The most unanimous remarks were on the quality of appearance and style. Surprisingly 12 out of 28 people said the look of the product was a top-3 factor that contributed to purchasing a wireless charging pad.

Futura X unboxing

The initial reaction to the Futura X was about just that: 15 people used the word, “sleek”, 8 used the word “nice”, and 4 said "thin". 9 people said it was "easy" to use and 15 people cared about the fact that the charger supported "fast-charging".

Futura X unboxing

Some additional comments were varied. A couple folks wanted the charger to be wider and bigger and while others wanted it to be even smaller. Some wanted the option to mount on tables and walls, while some wanted absolute portability. Others suggested a cloth for cleaning the device and some suggested different colors.

BEZALEL was definitely happy to hear so many different comments and suggestions and while everyone can't be please perfectly, the survey responses were met with enthusiasm for great input in future product design and development.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! 

Survey and FREE GIFT opportunity still OPEN!

If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts with us, this opportunity is still open! Send us an email and mention this blog and we’ll sign you up for a quick 5-10 minutes survey response date and time! Unboxing & survey answers must take place in BEZALEL's location in Los Angeles, CA.