Feedback from Prelude Customers!

Like any good company that wants to know where they can improve in services or products, BEZALEL conducted a survey to gain feedback from customers who purchased the Prelude portable wireless charger. BEZALEL wanted to share the good, the bad, and the fantastic so that you can get an inside scoop!

Three greatest strengths reported about the Prelude were portability, easy attachment, and multi-functionality!

Folks said these were important factors due to the convenience; and that using the Prelude made them feel free, cool, and confident!

One person said the case was a little too sleek and a little too slick, so he suggested a rubber grip along the corners of the charger!

There was a customer who got a dud unfortunately, and the product wasn’t working fast enough! In this case, the unhappy customer received a replacement product, and hopefully the charging experience was as smooth and fast!

Other than the erroneous product of the batch, most were overall positive, and several customers described the Prelude as “unique”!

Another person wrote: “Easy purchase experience, well crafted products, responsive and helpful support”!

Thank you to all those who filled out this survey!!

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