The Extraordinary Story of Mrs. Yvonne Robinson

BEZALEL is making this Mother's Day extraordinary by bringing you the truly extraordinary story of Mrs. Yvonne Robinson: heroine, survivor of multiple traumas that some don't experience even once in their lifetime, and mother who was told she would not have children.

Yvonne survived 65 ft cliff-side falls, 3 cancers, multiple car accidents, sequential deaths of her fiancé and father, Menorrhagia, and a near-fatal spider bite.

This is an amazing story of survivor, victor, and champion of hope and love.

BEZALEL wants to honor Yvonne for her resilience of life--survival after survival; and having a sense of humor, confidence and joy throughout it all.

1) The remarkable aspect of motherhood is a woman's ability to do more than just function as a mother. Yvonne, tell us about your roles as mother, grandmother, daughter, etc.

As mother and grandmother, I support my daughter and her 4 kids while she works and goes to school. I help raise her kids, ages 11, 9, 5 and 2; grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking dinner all included.

As daughter, I take care of my mom who has auto-immune disorder. She's on oxygen most of the time and has 8 different doctors. I do her cooking, cleaning, laundry and errands.

As wife, I'm the bookkeeper for my husband's plumbing business in CA. I manage this long distance because I'm in TX. 

Steve Robinson and I we were friends for 18 years before I married him. He was my fantastic plumber. At 48, I married my best friend and man of my dreams.

As church volunteer, I serve on the weekly Prep Team. We prepare church each weekend and for events like Easter, conferences, etc. I also belong to a women's bible study called Celebration Sisters.

I became a realtor just as my daughter was born, and practiced in CA for 30 years (overlapping work in the travel industry) until I moved to Texas. Currently studying for my license in Texas!

2) Tell us about motherhood and being a mother.

Doctors told me I would not have children. But when I had Ashley, it changed my world! Being a mother filled a hole I never thought I would fill.

Being a mother is one of the single most important and precious roles a woman can have!

Ashley had four children and gave me four grandchildren. In many respects, they are like my own: I take the role of loving, molding, and teaching them and I just enjoy them! They've been with me most of their lives.

Watching the two-year-old is not only so sweet to me, but she is the joy of my mother's life, especially in the short time she has left with us.

I love the joy of little things they're amazed at, like jumping on a trampoline or looking at bugs; teaching the two-year-old how to go potty or the nine-year-old how to cook. It's love and memories. It's time with them that can never be replaced.

3) Tell us your unique experiences, all that you went through and survived.

I survived a 65ft fall off a cliff when it broke loose! I was 10 years old. As I bounced down the mountain, I dented and fractured my skull and landed head first.

I lost fluid between my brain and skull, and wore a neck brace, stayed out of the sun and couldn't move much for a long time. Damage to my pituitary gland, I found later, caused a degenerative disc disease.

At age 14, I developed Menorrhagia (chronic bleeding). Hemorrhaged one night and nearly bled to death before I could find someone to watch my sisters for me and take me to emergency.

Five years later, I hemorrhaged again and had to move in with my parents while recuperating.

One day, when I was 21, abdominal pain forced me to drive myself to emergency at UCLA. A tumor was found on my left ovary and my fallopian tube was ready to burst. Surgeons removed it and told me I'd never have children.

My daughter is 30 years old now!

Another time, I was in a car that caught on fire. My uncle caught on fire and I tackled him to put the fire out. He had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands. The firemen said the car should have exploded.

There was another case when a hit-and-run car accident pinned me in the car. Firemen got me out but it damaged my right knee and a concussion had me temporarily lose my sight. Two knee surgeries and now facing a third one!

When I was 24, I suffered two tragedies. Two months before our wedding, my fiancee, who was in perfect shape, died from an arrhythmia; and 17 days later my father drowned in a freak swimming pool accident.

Two years later, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Doctors did two procedures which they didn't believe would work. I accepted Jesus during that time period and believed I was completely healed.

Afterwords, the doctors did two biopsies and were not able to find a trace of the cancer! Praise God!

When I was 2 months pregnant with my daughter, Ashley, her father left me. To survive, I sold our condo and changed careers from travel agent to realtor.

At 36, a car t-boned me and I had a neck injury, and years later, yet another car accident--I was in the middle of a 4-car crash and my car was the smallest.

Doctors said I was 1mm away from paralyzation. Three neck discs were fused together with 4 screws, a metal plate, and bone from my hip.

The bone graft from my hip caused bursitis and a surgery on my right foot. The bursitis is a big issue today I'm dealing with.

But I'm still walking!!!

When I was 51, I had breast cancer (2 tumors). After a successful lumpectomy and 35 radiation treatments and reconstruction, I've just celebrated 10 years of being cancer-free and having lop-sided breasts!

Fast forward eight years from the breast cancer, a brown recluse spider bit me on my torso and it got infected. Doctors gave me 3 antibiotics but I contracted MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

It got worse and abscessed in 7 spots! So they removed an 8"X3"X2" deep section of my torso.

You were able to see my ribs.

I was sent home to clean the wound for months, and took Malaria pills because it kept trying to return.

4) Having survived so many near fatal and precarious circumstances, you've faced your own mortality often. Any words, thoughts, advice about motherhood, work, and relationships?

Communication is key with your spouse, family and friends. When you're stressed out, ask yourself, "What does it have to do with eternity?" Don't rely on people--they will disappoint you. Rely on your higher power and the truth of who you are in relation to God, as I always remember that my Christian faith is not the same as religion. 

Above all, regarding family/friends/relationships: just love them and love on them! Share the love of God with family, especially the children. 

After all Yvonne went through, she's a scuba diver, blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and spends time with friends, "or whomever God places in her path."

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