Celebrating Mom’s Hands and Feet

This year BEZALEL gives light to one special mom and her two awesome kids who make everyday Mother’s Day.

Diagnosed with Corticobasil Degeneration a rare neurological disease, Teresa O. lost the function of 3 out of 4 of her limbs.

Here’s what still brings her laughter.

The Heart of Sacrifice

62-years young, Teresa shares: “My right hand is still functioning but only partial use can be expected.”

Her son offered to live with his mom during a busy time in his life, in midst of changing careers as a pilot. And her daughter put her performance arts career on hold to become a certified caregiver for her mom.

Her two adult children demonstrated the heart of sacrifice to be their mom’s hands and feet when their mother’s body slowly started shutting down.

Still, to maintain a normal daily routine, Teresa O. turns to helpful products and devices.

No More Frustrating Cords for Teresa O.

“Gone are the days of being frustrated with cords and attempting to plug in devices with one weak hand,” she says in her own words. “Just placing my iPhone on the charging pad is all that’s required!”

wireless charging mothers day gift

Teresa O. lets others like her know: “Take advantage of technology that can assist you with daily tasks; start with BEZALEL wireless chargers. Make laughter a priority!”

Thank you Teresa O. for letting us know how charging your iPhone with BEZALEL has helped you! We send you and your kids the best of wishes.

mothers day wireless charging day

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