Busy Mom? Use Tech to Your Hungry Belly's Benefit!

Hey Mom! Workout Those Fingers and Feed Yourself Too!

We've come far from dialing that favorite number to order pickup or delivery when it comes to getting our food fast and getting it exactly the way we want it. Though, we still do that too!

Nowadays, (and thankfully!) hot and ready-to-eat food is at the tip of our fingers and the palm of our hands! From ordering online, to getting gluten-free, organic, healthy and clean, prepared-meal services at our doorstep, and choosing from thousands of apps that provide recipes, nutrition consulting, diet regimes, and meal tracking, we just need good technology!

We can even get custom-made, fresh salad with organic ingredients from a greens-dispensing vending machine!

This is not your average ready-made packaged salad, which you can literally toss aside now thanks to Sally the Salad-making Robot by Chowbotics.

With fresh mushrooms, kale, walnuts, guacamole and dressings that you might typically find at health food stores, this robot will dispense bite-sized, perfectly portioned veggies and protein.

If you're a busy mom who barely has time to take care of herself, keep an eye out for this vending service. Petition for it to be put in your office building or work venue! Or, simply use your favorite delivery services app like Grubhub, DoorDash, or PostMates and order your food while your baby feasts on his or her bottle!

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Happy Mother's Day. 

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