Black Friday under $50 Tech & Electronics!

Black Friday under $50 Tech & Electronics Walmart and Target!

When November rolls around, there’s no slowing down the clock. The consumer world of retail and smart deal-hunting is on high alert. BEZALEL has gathered for you a list of fabulous electronics, tech products, and everyday appliances that many use almost on a daily basis! Check out these amazing deals and save BIG dollars towards Christmas shopping and gifts!

Check your local Walmart and Targets, as the prices, available products, and opening times may vary! These prices are to take effect during their specified "Black Friday Sale" event!



Happy Black Friday Deal Hunting!!

Check out the FANTASTIC DEALS that are going on right now for award-winning BEZALEL’s wireless charging devices!

  • Get $10 off when you spend $40 (discount code JOY10)
  • Get $20 off when you spend $65 (discount code JOY20)
  • $40 off when you spend $100, plus a free gift!! (discount code JOY40)
  • Spend $100 total purchase and get a free 5000mAh powerbank!