BEZALEL's Top 3 Picks for Honeymoon

The Internet is inundated with all kinds of honeymoon venues and packages for couples who tie the knot. Thanks to travel reporters and personal reviews, we have data on a slew of places listing locations by general interest so we can see how oh-enticing each place is.

US News Travel says the top 3 best places to honeymoon is St. Lucia, Hawaii, and Bora Bora; Business Insider also chooses Bora Bora, along with Tuscany, Italy, and Tahiti.


3 best budget-friendly honeymoon venues according to are Palm Springs, CA, Whitehouse, Jamaica, and Québec City, Canada; and Harpars Bazaar picks Greece, Columbia, and Western Norway for some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations.

Québec City

For honeymooners who want to stay longer, mentions Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Chile. 

Renowned lists some lesser expected places that are just as fantastic: Bratislava, Slovakia; Palawan, Philippines; and Bend, Oregon.

Bend, OR

Here are BEZALEL's top 3 picks for some of the most extraordinary countries to go to for honeymoons:


Summer and Fall times will have couples falling in love with the wealth and riches of nurturing Mother Earth.

Stellar boat expeditions will open your gaze to marvelous glacier mountains, arctic wildlife, and brilliant colors that only the magic of nature in such a land can bring.

Sneak a peak at sea otters, polar bears, horses, and huskies, and take top-notch photos with enchanting seasons' change of the astounding backdrops.

the Northern Lights


How to resist embarking a country snugged within the borders of European wonders: Belgium, Germany, and France?

Luxembourg is rich with the awe-inspiring history of medieval architecture; beauteous bridges, cathedrals, river falls; stone-carved walls; underground ancient tunnels; the exquisite fusion cuisine of French and German; and award-winning wine.

Here, couples will taste history with their eyes just as well as the blending of Western-European cultures in food, indulgent desserts, and savory wine.


South Africa

The combination of stupendous beaches (and not to mention breathtaking waterfalls), mouth-watering delectable culinary, wine trams, award-winning spas, and real life safari adventure--all in an accessibly English-speaking region; all these on the extensive lands stretching throughout the South African coast will probably have couples wanting to find a second home there.


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