BEZALEL's Most Portable Awesome Wireless Charger Ever

BEZALEL's newest and latest product, the ultimate, fully mobile and portable and completely cordless, wireless charging device is the smartphone user's dream come true. Never lose power again.

With cutting edge nano-suction technology that adheres the tiny charger to the back of your phone, it goes anywhere your phone goes. This means you can use it and charge it wirelessly at the same time. Whether taking videos, pictures, or playing games, the new Prelude provides power to your phone and the flexibility of doing everything you normally do with your phone.

While recharging is always the issue with portable chargers or power banks of any kind, BEZALEL's fully mobile wireless charger can even be recharged by another wireless charger. Sounds interesting?

The one catch. You can't have a funky phone case that holds things, or is designed for accouterment's sake; and if you do have a case, the surface must be glossy or have a somewhat glossy/glassy feel to it for the nano-suction technology to take its full effect.

Of course, this would work without a case because most smartphones have that glossy and glassy surface. Slimmer than a deck of cards, and lighter than an iPhone X, the Prelude is small and mighty indeed. For the full scope, check out ComingSoon-Tech.

Get it while the original price is slashed with the Early Bird Special on Kickstarter. Launches September 25, 2018.