BEZALEL Wireless Enters Artsy Japanese Restaurant

Uber stylish Japanese restaurant in Taiwan, Shi Wu Wan Kaitennzushi, has just upgraded its ambient and artsy decorum with very relevant and helpful technology, that is, wireless charging for your smartphone!

Providing a solution to wireless charging needs for just about every recently-released phone model, BEZALEL has done it again.

Now, sushi lovers at this restaurant can set their phones on the charging circle brought by yours truly, BEZALEL, and juice up battery power by the time they’ve finished their meals and paid for the bill.

With large-scale wall art of the famous Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai, this restaurant combines the aesthetic of minimalist design and mobility.

With precision-cut blocks of clean wood for seating arrangement, reminiscent of Cubism, encircled by the ever-delightful conveyor belt style service, sushi chefs can hand craft their specialities, as customers savor up and power up (their Qi-enabled smartphones!)

BEZALEL is excited and honored to be part of this Japanese food and art focused dining venue.