BEZALEL Presents at USC Graduate Course

BEZALEL had the privilege of speaking to students enrolled in a graduate course called, "Technology Development and Implementation" at the University of Southern California. The students' multifaceted questions ranged in categories that could be found in college textbooks. (And interestingly, they reflected the one universal inquiry dependent on economic necessity: survival.)

Bezalel USC

This anthropological viewpoint comes from observing not only the questions (related to business, marketing, technology and some history--was impressed with that one!) but also the students, who were of varietal ethnic mix (Yellow, Black, White, and Brown) with different accents and dialects.

Our future, shall we say, is not only of technology and the application of it, but is global, transnational, and multi-cultural.

And so while this particular graduate group got a healthy dose of all things startup in terms of BEZALEL's wireless charging enterprise, the presenter got to see a representation of tomorrow's leaders, creators, builders, and social participants who would find a way to survive in an ever-changing, variegated world.

Whether CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, inventors of a new kind of hammock--whatever, they will contribute something to their world no matter the scale. (For this, the roles of teachers, instructors, counselors and innovators of all kind, would be in constant "development and implementation" as well.)

Many thanks to Instructor Chu-Yi Wang, who is also the director of the Master of Science in Product Development Engineering at Viterbi. Frank Wu, CEO of BEZALEL owes much of his entrepreneurial career launch to the school's Garage Startup, an affiliate incubation program at the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC.