Multi-Continental BEZALEL in-stores throughout the Globe

A 4-year old startup company selling in stores in different continents is a pretty fantastic feat. Here's a quick look at BEZALEL's super sleek, exquisite presence in different countries throughout the globe including the U.S.


Nothing dubious about associating Japan and fantastic cutting-edge technology made for efficient and modernized living. Yes, BEZALEL is in stores in the island nation of Japan.


Another island nation, known for producing massively. Taiwan has completely embraced BEZALEL by housing its products in over 500 stores throughout the country!


A name with a rich history (ahem... BEZALEL); a country with a rich history; can we say it's the beginning of what makes a great team? Indeed BEZALEL's products are in stores in the UAE.


Certain universals seem to endure, such as the beauty of nature. BEZALEL would encourage one to take your trusty phone with you, should you embark on the beautiful sites of Thailand. And we all know, that phone will need re-juicing of battery power sooner or later.


Throughout the great states of California and Texas, BEZALEL is in stores in the U.S. as well. BEZALEL would like to send out some BEZALove to the mighty state of Texas right now.

Additional Countries 

BEZALEL is also in stores in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines and sold online in South Africa, Kuwait, Korea, and the UK. This list has definitely just begun, as plans for more stores and more cities and countries are unfolding!