BEZALEL at the Catalina Film Festival 2019

Showing off the best tools for convenient and stylish wireless smartphone charging, BEZALEL was one of the sponsors at the 2019 Catalina Film Festival, the launch of which took place on board the Queen Mary of Long Beach, CA.

BEZALEL provided special gifts to certain guests, and one of the receivers was the Academy-Award winning actress, Mira Sorvino. (We heard that she and her husband thought the Futura X was really great and liked how it worked!)

Representatives from BEZALEL, Mark and Senovia had the exclusive invitation to talk with film directors and panelists about wireless technology packed into the award-winning, ultra-modern design that is the high-end smartphone charger.

Thank you Catalina Film Institute & Catalina Film Festival for this rare opportunity to be able to rub elbows with some of the nicest and most fabulous folks on board a historic ocean liner!

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