Behind the Pulse

BEZALEL's Ecosystem Polished to Completion

BEZALEL’s newest commercial “Feel the Pulse” is both super informative and super entertaining, as it showcases the entirety of BEZALEL’s wireless charging devices, including the reveal of the newest fully mobile, “small & mighty” wireless charging pad, Prelude Wireless Portable Charger.

This is an exciting new addition to the already complete ecosystem that's part of BEZALEL's uniqueness when it comes to the smartphone wireless charging industry. It's also exciting due to the fact that BEZALEL's beginnings are with the original portable wireless charging device that was launched on Kickstarter with the CEO's prototype in 2014 (named "ARK" at the time).

The first Prelude was built for people "on the go". That is, like a power bank, one could literally take it anywhere as a power source itself. The new Prelude does just that but is smaller, more compact, lighter and more efficient for simultaneous smartphone usage.

In addition, BEZALEL's in-car wireless charger, Omnia, which mounts onto the air vent in cars, is also coming out this year. The Omnia is made with craftier technology for people to adhere their phones on a mount that's eye-level, so drivers can focus on the road.

BEZALEL's Prelude Portable Charger and Omnia In-Car Vent Mount polish the wireless charging eco-system into completion and materialize BEZALEL's goal to cater towards the needs of today's modern lifestyle for the average mobile device user. Travelers, students, Mom's, Dad's, anyone in need or want of convenient cellphone charging would benefit; not to mention that the current trend into the future is wireless (i.e. wireless printing, wireless electronics, wireless heating tools, etc.)

The new and upgraded Prelude is to be launched on Kickstarter in September and the buzz is that people are already in line for this smart and powerful power source.

Folks at BEZALEL definitely had fun with the cast and crew during the filming of the commercial, which segments all the different devices yet tactfully pulls them together as one story through fun and unexpected transitions.

Thank you to the director and production company that helped bring everything together in the end!

Watch full commercial Here.

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