Checklist of 5 Super Tips When Mailing Out Gifts This Holiday

Whether domestic or international, sending forth presents is part of holiday shopping for the giver and receiver. Here's a brief checklist of 5 (super)tips to keep you ahead of the game this holiday season when shipping out packages!

1) Protection, protection, protection.

Parcels go through some pretty rough treatment, especially if traveling far. Even if not fragile or delicate, it's smart to write "fragile" or "handle with care".  

And to write it clearly and legibly. And politely. Please and thank you's perhaps?

2) Think twice about the nature of your content.

Is your gift food? Flowers? Homeopathic medicine? Would it melt in warm weather or freeze in cold? Get confiscated crossing borders?

If sending outside the country, customs my rummage through it. Double check if your gift can cause suspicion, unintended messiness, or confusion.

3) You can play Tetris with your gift. Or just get the right box.

A well-fitting box, clear, smudge-free labels, and good tape are all part of your generous gift. Your receiver will notice it all and be thankful. (Shipping costs won't be overlooked either.)

4) Taste the uncanny satisfaction of completing everything early.

It's like waking up before sunrise. You feel sensational. You're ahead of the world.

OK, maybe not the world.

Just don't wait til last minute. Opt for cheaper shipping and avoid long lines. Breeze into the post office and breeze right on out. Happy Holidays to me (and the lucky recipients of your presents!)

5) No sloppy 4s or missing letters

Emphasize the "W" better for "West"; and not to let 4's look like a 9.

Moreover, the person behind the counter is human too. Thus, after paying, check the receipt. Or else, a completely different recipient will be enjoying your gift! Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas stranger!

(photo by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner)