5 Reasons You'll Need Lots of Battery Power During Halloween

Halloween can be a fun opportunity for friends and family to spend time together and express creativity--if you're in elementary school (or parents of an elementary school student.) While typically kids get this chance to explore new avenues (metaphorically and literally,) non-kids will surely activate their adventurousness too.


Young adults including high school, college students, and grown adults love to dress up and take advantage of a day of playfulness. Some will go trick-or-treating, some will go to parties, some will just make it a day of being seen in their most ingenious costume.


Whatever the case, if you're going to be out, your smartphone will be the trusty device and it'll need to stay powered up. It may be smart to bring a back up charger like a power bank or wireless charger.

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Here are 5 reasons your smartphone will be in much use this Halloween: 

1) You'll be taking pictures. Wanting to document this once-a-year event of dress up and role play? Why of course! Some of the best captured moments is getting that golden shot of a friend, co-worker, or boss wearing something other than a suit and tie or t-shirt and jeans.

2) You'll be taking videos. Same idea with taking photos, when you're wanting to document this fun day/night and press the red record button, the battery percentage symbol at the right hand corner will be in your sight just as well. 

3) You'll be using your GPS app. Looking to hit the right neighborhoods with your friendliest, spookiest "trick-or-treat!"? GPS will come in handy.

4) You'll be using your phone's flashlight feature. Walking around in the dark is not fun. Gotta make sure to watch your step and let oncoming traffic know humans are potentially meandering around in Chewbacca outfits.

5) You'll be using Uber or Lyft. Whether neighborhood hopping or party hopping, you'd want to skip the hassle of paying for parking, looking for parking, or just parking. And if having any drinks, Uber or Lyft highly recommended. 


These are just some mentions, and you may just very well be like me and stay home with the light off.

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