4 Must Prepare Items for the Proper Outdoor Occasion

Summer means outdoors!

Ball games, sunsets, museums, oh my!

Other than water bottles, a trusty cap, and hand sanitizers, here's a quick list of essential items to keep near for fun in the sun or date at a botanical garden!

Proper Sunglasses

Sunglasses that are polarized with UV blockage, lightweight and stylish are the optimal choice.

Window shopping or ferry ride down a sunny-lit river; the last thing you want is to squint every time you look up at the surroundings of the venue.

Proper Shoes

Sometimes sneakers work for everything, but not always.

Outdoor cultural arts center, concert or food truck strip, tread in your own personal style!

Camping or hiking? Need them waterproof?

Get the right shoes for dirt paths, rocky hills, and unexpected snake visitations!

(Maybe not that last one, but not a bad idea to prepare for unexpected rain!

Or snake visitations.)

Whatever the occasion, beach or picnicking at a drive-thru movie, choose comfortable over fashionable. (But then, why not both?)


Fearless man purses work.

Depending on the event, do prepare some sort of depository for personal belongings!

Female friend's pretty purse will only hold so much.

So go with something functional, compartmental and spacious (and gender neutral if that's what you prefer!)


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