4 Hidden Gems of Travel Destinations

The Hot Springs of Wulai in Taiwan

Shopping and finger snacking in the streets of Taiwan's markets; elegant museums and art galleries; zoos and national sceneries; Taiwan is an island packed with things to experience on a journey of cultural immersion.

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After a long day of checking out the famous temples in Taiwan, how about soaking in the natural hot springs of Wulai?



In the district of Taipei City, Wulai's hot springs will have you deep not just in the rich culture and history of Taiwan, but the naturally percolating groundwaters oozing with essential minerals and healing powers.

Campos do Jordao in South America


Brazil offers beautiful beaches, mountains, peaks, and spectacular places of nature (Amazon Rain Forests!) Surprisingly however, there's a pocket of Brazil that mimics the setting of Switzerland, also known as Little Switzerland of Brazil.


When you're done in the sun and roaming the natural scenery, step into the markets and restaurants of Campos do Jordao for a little bit of travel within travel. It will be like traveling in space and time, stepping onto a fascinating intersection of history and culture.


From 1819 to 1820, 265 Swiss families settled in the Cantagalo district of Rio de Janeiro; and while European influence can be found particularly concentrated in the different cuisines of Campos do Jordao, this little Switzerland is a favorite mini-escape within an escape.

Museums of Arizona


Amidst popular conception about the state of Arizona--of vast deserts, canyons, and long highway roads--this state has some incredibly impressive collections of art and museums. Not only art in the conventional sense, with contemporary collections of locals or American Indian Art rich in history, but Arizona has an incredibly varying and highly eclectic collection of museums.


After long days of touring the beautiful canyons, be prepared to run into many gems--that is, the very numerous exhibitions that house artifacts and artwork of different cultural interest.


From the History of Pharmacy museum to the Wells Fargo Museum, to fantastic art installation at the Phoenix Civic Park Space, there is museum after museum in the land of Arizona; an eyebrow-raising gem for the typical cosmopolitan creatives. 

Little Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka


Little Adam's Peak is located in the southwestern part of the Sri Lankan island called Ella. Adam's Peak is the name of a mountain in central Sri Lanka and "Little Adam's Peak" is a more accessible mountain that many travelers climb and go to visit.


The experience of the peak begins with a train ride (a bus ride to Ella first to get to the train station.) Adventure forward on bus, train, climbing and catching your breath in the deep greens of this amazing island.

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