Wireless Charging for your iPhone 7

Introducing Latitude – the first universal wireless charging case

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Snap it on and power up your iPhone with just about any wireless charger

BEZALEL’s Latitude is the first universal (dual-mode Qi and PMA) wireless charging case for the iPhone. It’s compatible with both of the major charging standards, which means you don’t have to pick sides in the standards war. The Latitude will power up your iPhone seamlessly with Qi chargers (such as BEZALEL’s Prelude and Futura-X charging pads) as well as chargers that use the competing PMA standard (such as those at many Starbucks locations). Get ready for hassle-free charging wherever there’s a wireless charger.

Uniquely Functional Design

Most wireless charging cases for the iPhone block Lightning cable access, which makes it a hassle to use EarPods with a Lightning connector or to sync/charge your phone the old fashioned way. BEZALEL solves this problem by adding the Latitude case with a Lightning port. Experience the flexibility to power up without boundaries!

Soft Touch
with a Solid Grip

The Latitude fits your iPhone like a glove, and its soft-touch finish feels great in your hand.

10.5 mm
Slim and Curvy

Stylish Protection

Advanced materials and ultra-precise double injection manufacturing enable the Latitude to provide great protection in a sophisticated, ultra-slim design. It keeps your iPhone safe and stylish when you’re on the go.

Ease of Use

The Latitude’s soft hinge design makes it easy to slip on and off your iPhone.

Magnetic Alignment

The Latitude for iPhone 7 is equipped with a magnetic alignment feature that guides your phone to the optimal spot on the charging pad every time. No more fumbling to find the right position; just set it down and power up.

*Works only with Futura X & 2017 Prelude
*Works only with Futura X & 2017 Prelude

Seize the Opportunity!

The Latitude is the only dual-mode case that lets you power up your iPhone using just about any type of wireless charger.

  • Using the Bezalel wireless charger has made my life so much easier because now I can charge my battery quickly and never miss a beat.
    Russel Tuchman
    CEO of BashPros
  • The Bezalel products are incredibly helpful to our team! Our office wouldn’t be complete without them, it helps with productivity by keeping us charged all day — on the go or in the office!
    Ambar Januel
    Co-Founder of Januel+Johnson
  • Bezalel has revolutionary charging technology, it has simplified my life!
    Taleia Mueller
    COO of CTRL Collective
  • Bezalel wireless charger is so convenient for travel, and the Prelude box itself lasts so long.
    Lifestyle Blogger of Blonde Collective
  • The Prelude is so small and compact so it can fit pretty much anywhere. This wireless charger has saved me so many times, I’d be helpless without it.
    Brenda Phan
    Lifestyle Blogger of Life with B